Hive City
Hive City

In 2013, Fosun proactively put forward the concept of "Hive City".

Hive city is an overall city-industry integration solution managed by Fosun designed to support urban development advancements. Combining Fosun’s outstanding property development capability and abundant industrial resources, it provides a more practical city-industry integration solution, providing high-quality products and services, and integrated into the health, happiness and wealth ecosystem created by Fosun.

Over the past 8 years of practice, "Hive City" has created a number of types of Hive products around the world, including Financial Services Hive, Healthcare Hive, Culture & Entertainment Hive, Fashion Hive, Travel & Leisure Hive, Intelligent Hive and Ice & Snow Hive etc.


Cover nearly 40 gateway cities


Managing/owning approximately 130 projects worldwide

Financial Services Hive

Relying on the strong global comprehensive financial industry accumulation and operation capabilities, it promotes the efficient assembly of various financial elements such as insurance, banks, and securities.

Healthcare Hive

Profound development in medical services, health management, pharmaceutical distribution, senior living and other industries, to continue the integration and innovation of health services.

Culture & Entertainment Hive

Profound development in commercial, retail, cultural and creative, performing arts, film and television, design and other industries, in order to enhance national cultural confidence, inherit and innovate cultural experience products.

Travel & Leisure Hive

To create a first-class tourism and cultural industry that leads the world in family leisure and vacation, and to meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

Fashion Hive

Profound development in fashion industry, with its own diversified international fashion brands such as Lanvin, Wolfrod, St. John, Caruso, Tom Tailor etc.

Science & Technology Hive

Deeply cultivate industries such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacture, intelligent supply chain, greentech, and technology mobility, build industrial clusters that adapt to future development trends, and cultivate new momentum for urban development.

28 Liberty (New York City US)

28 Liberty continues the legend of the global financial center, integrates the management and operation of the East and West, is close to serving the community life, and composes a new chapter of business classics and modern financial ecology.

Beijing Tongzhou Financial Services Hive(Beijing China)

Gather the core advantages of Tongzhou Canal area, integrate the administrative office and central business functions of Beijing sub-center, create a financial industry cluster, and build a high-end headquarters base adjacent to the Bohai Sea.

The Bund Fosun Center(Wuhan China)

Located in Wuhan, the heart of the Yangtze River and the intersection of rivers, in the central service area of Hanzheng Street's leads the renewal of the great city.

The Bund Finance Center, Shanghai (Shanghai China)

The 420,000-square-meter experiential complex of "Financial Services Hive" masterpiece created by Fosun.

Foshan Chancheng Hospital Integrated Care Project(Foshan China)

Located in Foshan, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, it will build a Healthcare Hive complex including "International Women and Children's Medical Center", "International Oncology Therapy Center", "High-end Nursing Home", etc.

Starcastle(Shanghai China)

It is the first batch of fully licensed senior care provider in Shanghai, adhering to the concept of " improving the lifestyle of the aged in China ", and creating a pure American-style continuous full-care elderly care community, successfully applied for the first academician expert workstation in the elderly care industry in Shanghai, leading the top level of domestic elderly care services.

Fosunpharma Science and Innovation Center(Shanghai China)

Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, it imports R & D and innovation resources of Fosun Health Industry, gathers industrial development clusters, and promotes the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological R & D achievements.

Dongyang China Woodcarvings City(Dongyang China)

It is located in Dongyang, Zhejiang, and aiming to build a Chinese wood culture business and travel cultural industry cluster. It covers an area of 210 acres and has a market area of 410,000 square meters. More than 3,000 manufacturers from all over the country gather here, and hundreds of thousands of advantageous products are displayed and sold here. It is the largest wholesale market for wooden handicrafts and woodcarving (mahogany) furniture. With its large scale and high grade, the domestic similar market is unmatched.

Forte Woli City(Shanghai China)

Located in Shanghai Yuqiao, radiating the three towns of Beicai, Sanlin, and Kangqiao, focusing on the comprehensive needs of families within 5 kilometers, integrating shopping, catering, life services, leisure and entertainment, the strong combination of formats, cultural and commercial Integration will drive the improvement of regional culture and commercial value, and continue to write a new chapter of Pudong's "13th Five-Year Plan" development.

Dahua 1935 (XI’an China)

Located in Xi'an, it was rebuilt from the original Changan Dahua Textile Factory. It combines the original architectural features of the 1930s and 1990s with modern urban functions to achieve a perfect fusion of architecture, landscape and surrounding environment. It is positioned to create the most Xi'an cultural experience place, a global interactive entertainment destination.

The Grand Yuyuan Cultural Area (Shanghai China)

Every year, it attracts 40 million passengers worldwide, helping Shanghai build the city's CAZ central activity area, and create an upgraded version of the city's cultural business card of "Most Shanghai, China, and World"

Tomamu Resorts(HOKKAIDO Japan)

With the best local powder snow, the most prestigious unkai terrace, Japan's largest smile beach, the " Chapel On The Water " designed by the architect Tadao Ando and the perfect "family sharing" ice and snow holiday experience leave unforgettable memories when you travel, Tomamu Resorts is aiming to build the world's most popular family resort.

Taicang FOLIDAY Town

Multi-format global tourism international community, to create an upgrade global tourist destination, join hands with CDA, one of the world's leading ski resort operators, and draw on the successful model of Sanya Atlantis to provide local services and solutions based on vacation scenes and introduce happiness and fashion, health and other emerging industry IP, to create a multi-form, customized industrial cluster.

Atlantis Sanya(Sanya China)

Located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, covering an area of 540,000 square meters, it is a one-stop entertainment, leisure and comprehensive tourism and vacation destination with the theme of marine culture, bringing together the world's top characteristic marine cultural industries such as tourism, entertainment, catering, performing arts, and exhibitions to become Sanya The forerunner of the travel 3.0 era, setting a new benchmark for Hainan tourism.

The Medelan(Milan Italy)

It carries forward Milan’s time-honored culture, integrates tradition with modernization, fashion with creativity, and design with art, and integrates Fosun’s globalization practices to reshape a world-class CBD and establish a cooperation example for city upgrading.

Yosun•Wuhan International Fashion Center(Wuhan China)

It is located in the core area of Hanzheng Street, a century-old commercial street in Wuhan. It is positioned as an “industrial center with apparel trade as the core and a fashion center with apparel as the core”. Touch the front lines of Asian trends, leverage global fashion resources to empower the Chinese apparel market, and build a new landmark in Chinese fashion.

Stater Logistics

Building an intelligent medical logistics network to promote the advancement of medical warehousing logistics to intelligent, focusing on the circulation of medicine and healthcare industry, builds an industrial park integrating storage, sales and transportation in line with international standard, providing “smart, green, safe and traceable” one-stop supply chain services.

Hangzhou-Taizhou high-speed railway

Create a demonstration of social capital investment in railway, and integrated development along the T + TOD rail transit line to help the regional economy take off. The Hangzhou-Taizhou high-speed railway is one of the first eight demonstration projects of private capital investment railways in China, and it is also the first privately held high-speed railway in China.

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