About Us
  • Fosun started its real estate business

  • Shanghai Fosun Real Estate Development Corporation Limited founded

  • Entity restructured as "Forte Group"

  • Forte Group accessed to Wuhan market and expansion in China market

  • Fosun Property Holdings founded

  • Fosun partnered Fortress set up joint-venture Starcastle

    Established STARTER to explore Logistics and Circulation industry

  • Fosun Property planned global strategy and stepped in NY & London

    Established Sunvision, accessed to infrastructure market

  • Acquired IDERA

    Established Sungin, accessed to Integrated Care market

  • Resource Property listed on the NEEQ

    Acquired Resolution Property

    Established Fosun Eurasia

  • Acquired Rio Bravo

    Established J-REIT, listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange,sponsored by IDERA & Mitsui

  • Invested PAREF listed on the Euronext Paris

    Acquired Everest

    Established Four Trees

  • Yuyuan Inc.accomplished the reorganization of material assets.

    Fosun Hive completed business upgrade in the market of intelligent retail,integrated care,commercial circulation and infrastructure etc.

  • Acquired Ahuja and entered India

    Acquired a Japanese platform The COURT

    As an integral part of “1”, Fosun Hive empowers and serves the real estate-related business and promotes the implementation of hive project

  • Constantly lead in the practice of Hive Strategy.

    Implement of the city-specific plans for high-quality industrial development, fund and hive project to accelerate the integration of industry and city at home; evolution of global investment ability to enhance the operation ability of Hive overseas.

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