About Us

About Fosun Hive

Utilizing “Hive City + Global Landscape” as its core strategy, Fosun Hive continuous leads the upgrading of industry-and-city integration. Through profound industry operations + industrial investment, Fosun Hive consolidates global industrial resources, focuses on customized industrial C2M model and well-positioned industries to promote the upgrading of urban industries and the high-quality development of the regional economy with the "Hive model".

Vision: World Leading Hive City Practitioner

Core Strategy: Hive City + Global Landscape

· Cover nearly 40 gateway cities

· Managing/owning approximately 130 projects worldwide

· Nearly 90% of the projects are located in first- and second-tier cities in the world

*As of June 30, 2019.

Hive City + Global Landscape

Hive city is an overall city-industry integration solution managed by Fosun and designed to support urban development advancements. Combining Fosun’s outstanding property development capability and abundant industrial resources, it provides a more practical city-industry integration solution, integrated high-quality products and services into Fosun’s health, happiness and wealth ecosystem created by Fosun. A number of outstanding Hive products have been built up in the world including Financial Services Hive, Healthcare Hive, Culture & Entertainment Hive, Fashion Hive, Travel & Leisure Hive, Intelligent Hive etc..

As of now, Fosun Hive has created a multi-format and full-strategy global landscape, with platforms and assets spread across 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America) and nearly 40 gateway cities among them, including nearly 30 domestic cities and more than 10 overseas first-tier gateway cities, and at the same time nearly 130 projects are managed / owned globally. Fosun Hive has established a couple of local platforms and teams with industrial investment and asset management capabilities in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Lisbon, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Mumbai and other first-tier cities around the world.